Benny Tetteh-Lartey

Venue: Concert Hall - Glasgow

-Played bass guitar & was vocalist in top Edinburgh band Makossa from 1987 to 1991. Recorded film track for short film “Salome” by Lucy Enfield (sister of screen writer & comedian Harry Enfield)

-Became soloist in 1995, playing unusual 8 string acoustic guitar with own brand of music “Afro Scot Rock” . Completed first album “Don’t be Sad” in 1998 as BTL.

-1997 runner up and 1998 winner at BBC Scotland Tympanali singer songwriter competition with “Injustice” a painful story which describes events surrounding the untimely death of Benny’s Uncle Alex Tetteh-Lartey who was killed on a London street in August 1996.

-Formed new group “The Afro Scot Beat” 2007

- Designed and constructed unique guitar like acoustic instrument with 26 strings and three necks called the “Combuitar” 2007

-Headlined the opening music event for Africa in Motion at Edinburgh’s second African Film Festival 2007 and closing night 2008. Africa’s newest and growing film festival in Edinburgh

-April 2009. Invited to play at The F1 Grand Prix world event in Bahrain along with 76 of the worlds leading performers

-Released second album “See the Wonder” under Aardvark Records label