Fergus McKay

Theatre By The Lake - Keswick
Playhouse - Weston S Mare
Theatre Severn - Shrewsbury
Cheese and Grain - Frome

Born in England, despite the hearty Scottish highlanders name, Fergus
McKay was passionate about music from an early age, writing his first songs
at around 8 years old. Since then he has composed theatre scores,
advertising jingles, sang in musicals, worked with stars such as Rick
Wakeman and Edwyn Collins, fronted bands, worked with folk music
orchestras and toured Europe extensively. He has lived in London,
Edinburgh, Stirling, Galway, a camper van, Rome, and Aix en Provence
taught music all over Europe, and learned to play at least 15 things at the
same time.

Fergus has gathered an enormous amount of experience through performing
daily on the streets, at street music festivals and on main stages, he has been
featured on television and radio but loves the immediacy of interacting with his
audience that is unique to street performance more than anything.
After touring around Europe as the singer and songwriter in a four piece band,
one by one, the other members of the band went their own ways, leaving
Fergus to replace them with his own body parts. Now Fergus is the singer,
mandolin player, percussionist, harmonica player, kazooist, klaxon and rubber
chicken operator, a veritable one man band with a collection of original songs
which are stories and pictures of life, being broke, imprisonment, heartbreak
and loss put into words and music with sensitivity, humour and wit.

Fergus McKay supported Joan in guildford in 2012