Joan Armatrading supports Local Talent. For the UK and Ireland part of her 2014 -2015 Solo World Tour Joan will have 21 supporting singer/songwriters opening her concerts.

In a career lasting 42 years Joan Armatrading has supported local talent throughout. For the UK and Ireland part of her first solo world tour Joan has once again invited LocalTalent to support her. The 21 Singer/songwriters this time will each performer at 3 or 4 shows.

(In 2012 Joan invited 56 local artists to perform on the bill with her in their home city in the UK.)

Mairi Cambell Troy Faid
Holly Kirby Weird Naked Indian (WNI)
Adriana Spina Hanna Beighton
Alice Walker Southgate/Leigh
Chris Hobart Liz Owen
Jimmy Brewer Ben Holland
Paul Dunton Pipe and Tabour
Richard Navarro Minnie Birch
Ben Smith The Sea Kings
Fergus McKay Wooden Horse
Rich Lown  

In 2012 Joan invited 56 singer/songwriters to support her on her tour of the UK and Ireland
The 21 singer/songwriters above were among the artist who played on the 2012 tour. Now for her 2014 -2015 UK and Ireland tour Joan has invited back 21 of the artists. You can read about Joan's LocalTalent by clicking the link Read the full story...




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