Natalie McCool

Venue: The Bridgewater Hall - Manchester

'EXTRAORDINARY; all original; able to calm the most disorderly of minds - you could
forgive one as young as singer/guitarist Natalie McCool for buckling under the praise of
musical touchstones such as Mark Radcliffe and Chris Martin, but unabashed, she has forged
on, winning a Yamaha 'Make It Break It' award along her way.

Grammy award winning record producer Steve Levine, also amongst the 'Make It Break It'
judges, was so impressed with Natalie’s outstanding performance he signed her to his label
‘Hubris Records’ whilst she was still studying at the world class Liverpool Institute for
Performing Arts (LIPA). Other Make It Break It judges were Chris Martin (Coldplay), Mark
Radcliffe (BBC Radio 2) and Harvey Goldsmith (promoter).

Natalie also had the privilege and accolade of debuting songs whilst at the Institute to none
other than its founder, Sir Paul McCartney, who incidentally, grabbed an acoustic and played
along, then signed her beloved guitar: now a permanent feature amongst her stage show

It was during her time at LIPA that Natalie recruited her band and found her songs a home;
achingly raw, beautiful tunes that lean to the darker side of pop; and under the guidance of
Steve Levine the results are clear.
Natalie began writing songs at the age of 14 and performed at her first gig soon after.
Demonstrating a musical knowledge and guitar mastery that belies her tender age, Natalie
McCool is graduating to the peak of her powers. Hotly tipped as a ‘rising star’ by the BBC,
Natalie is a must see: go catch her before the rest of the world does.