Ellie Williams

Venue: Lighthouse - Poole

Ellie Williams first came to the attention of the record industry and public after uploading some bedroom-recorded demos to the website of fan-funded label Sellaband. Catching the imagination of listeners across the globe, Ellie achieved her goal of raising $50,000 to fund her first studio album in just 50 days - a record that still stands today. From an enviable choice of top record producers, Ellie chose Tony Platt, best known for his work with Bob Marley and AC/DC, to oversee production of her debut LP, and together they recorded Unseen at Angelic Union in Buckinghamshire and Deep Blue Sound in Devon.

Unseen was released on November 16th 2009, a launch supported by blanket local TV, radio and press coverage, as well as a sold out local show at Exeter’s Phoenix Art Centre. The first single from the album, Fin’s Song, was released simultaneously with the album, reaching number one in the Amazon UK MP3 charts following notable internet buzz and extensive radio play on the BBC.

Since the release of Unseen, Ellie Williams has been wowing audiences up and down the country and began a UK tour

Blessed with a sublime voice capable of great delicacy and strength, and following in the songwriting footsteps of artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos, Ellie’s music has been described as having the effect of ‘not so much tugging at the heartstrings but reaching inside and shaking them.’ Never fearing to touch on subjects close to her heart, she sings about issues that affect all of us, from love and relationships to faith and loss.