Pipe and Tabor


The Capitol - Horsham
G Live - Guildford

Dean and Carly have been writing together for around five years and recently decided to strip things back to guitar, tambourine and vocals and return to their original acoustic format under the new name of Pipe & Tabor.

Festival and pub audiences alike are already revelling in their new work and their lyrics are becoming notorious due to their clever and amusing nature.

The melodies are both catchy and beautiful and sung in a captivating and individual voice which is complemented throughout by Dean’s clever and stylized guitar playing, The pair together, really know how to entertain whilst keeping the tone light and the atmosphere casual.

While they are recording their first EP, The love Settee, which they hope will be out before the year is up, the pair have been playing venues and festivals across the south, such as Guilfest and Marvellous, as well as regular gigs in their hometown of Horsham where they frequently play at popular music venue, The Tanners Arms.

Pipe & Tabor supported Joan in Crawley in 2012